Team Building at Euréka

Casse Cotte Camp - Experience a residential training session: that was the priviledge of the White Sand Tours Planning Department on the 10th and 11th February at Euréka, Moka.
The aim of the training was to give the opportunity to the participants do leave aside individuality and to build team spirit.

Four professionals were in charge of this training: Mrs Kim Leung-Darga (9 years at the head of Human Resourses Development Department at Price Waterhouse), M.P Jaguptal (Certified Stress Management Consultant), Mrs V. Pompom (Art Graduate) et M. B. Lyob (member of the 'érithréenne' army)

The participants of White Sand Tours Planning Department were all very pleased to have lived an enriching experience with their collegues...

Newsletter IBL Group_ April 2001




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