The meals at Euréka have a typical flavour of the island... Mauritian dishes are actually a blend of the different cultures coexisting on the island ..

The beautiful garden invites you to taste a nice mauritian tea (vanilla, mint, lemon). The shops found in the compounds of the property allows you to buy our local flavoured tea.

Our menus are as diversified as the people of Mauritius. For example, the 'rougaille' is a thick mildly spicy tomato sauce cooked with onions, garlic, thyme, the coconut chutney is a mixture of crushed coconut in coriander. Various pickles, peanut chutney and as desert, vanilla ice cream with grilled coconut are available. Examples of menus are:


. Faratas/ Popadoms/ Pourris
Curry - (Fish/Chicken/Beef)
Vegetables and various chutneys
Vanilla ice-cream & grilled coconut

. Chicken gizzards cooked in garlic butter on a bed of green salad
Pickled fish in fresh turmeric (speciality)
Beans/ Aubergines cooked in lemon
Sweet potato jam (in season)

. Baked squash & crab meat
Deer meat cooked in olives/ Breadfruit cooked in onions, butter & spinach
Baked bananas in coconut/ lemon grass infusion


In 1987, the duke and duchess of York enjoyed a typical mauritian breakfast at Euréka. The mauritian meal prepared for them was black lentils, a 'rougaille de poisson sallé' and a 'toufé brede chouchou'' - Jacques de Marroussem.


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