Eureka Incentives would like to welcome you.

We believe that we understand happiness and joyful moments. We believe in people and we know that moments spent together are treasured and very often contribute to enforce relationships.

You would like to organise a tema building day with your staff at the end of the year. Or you have to plan your daughter's wedding reception. Or maybe you're more adventurous and would like to have an arabian night for your corporate clients. The team at Eureka have the expertise and experience to be your one stop-shop organiser. From catering to music and welcoming your guests, we at Eureka will go an extra mile to be at your service and deliver the best incentive possible.

What can we offer:

A creative team who have been with Eureka for the last 10 years, dedicated optimise the use of the venue and design tailor-made solutions. The team is involved from the initial stage of planning to the end of the event. Catering - what kind of menus etc, music, welcming guests, lodging, chapiteau ...

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